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Tre Pol Pen…

‘By Tre Pol and Pen shall know all Cornishmen’ goes the phrase.

Many Cornish places and surnames begin with Tre, Pol and Pen. These derive from the Cornish language with Tre meaning homestead, Pol meaning pond, lake or well and Pen being a hill or headland.

The East of Cornwall is noted for ‘Tre’ with examples being Treligga, Trewarmett, Tredrizzick, Tregoodwell and Treburgett but Tre can still be seen all over Cornwall and probably the most common of the three.

Examples of names beginning with Pol are Polzeath, Polruan, Polperro, Polgooth and Polmassick.

Beginning with Pen we have Penryn, Pendoggett, Pentire, Penzance and Penare.

And to confuse matters there is also a place called Penpol!

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