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New Kernow King on the block!

Well, I that I waz the bleddy Kernow King, that’s what every bugger  up ‘ere tells me. Seem sum other bloke nicked me throne since I invaded over the Tamar. Bleddy loyalty – whas wrong with the youf of today? Cris!

Still he’s looking preddy smashing walking round with that fancy jakhurt on. I been keepin  eye onim recently on that You Tube business on the net thing on me computer and well, he’s looking proper popular. He’s been all over place, down Ann’s pasties although I reckon he’s had a pasty or two in his time. Pasty making in his blood I reckon, his family made a few in their time – proper ones too! He’s been up Carn Brae a time or two to a castle where ‘e can get a kebab, loves a bit of dog walking up point, gets an invite to Kate and Wills wedding, show ‘e’ how to fill out a census. The Kings a genius!

If its rainin’ and ‘e’ stuffed with pasties you better get on that t’internet, it’s a marvelous thing, see lots on it – well you lookin’ at it now isn’t um? Ess!

So ‘ave a look below or have a look at Kernow King’s own You Tube Channel here or check out his website and support the Cornish monarchy by buying some of his merchandise here. He’s thought about the bleedy lot as he!

So, seems I lost me bleedy title of Kernow King to be succeeded by some other bloke from Falmouth. He may be Kernow King, but I will always be M’lord! #:-)

‘Ere he is with Ann from Ann’s pasties – shes proper bleddy luvly.

or see him ‘avin a day off in Looe

and listen to his Kings Speech filmed at The Stag Hunt in Ponsanooth

Hes all over it, better watch out Jethro!