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A stormy Portmellon

I hear on the Cornish jungle vine that Mevagissey and Portmellon had severe rainfall yesterday as did we last night and as I write, I can hear the rain lashing against the windows outside.

It made me remember the stories of the waves at Portmellon coming up over the road and hitting the cottage we stay in on the harbour front. Large waves have been known to hit the harbour wall and crash over the row of cottages along the front with water coming down the chimney and putting the fires in the lounges out!

Here is a photo taken in 1931 of a Storm at Portmellon showing the tremendous waves. Thankfully the cottages are still standing and can still be enjoyed by holiday makers 80 years on.

Storm at Portmellon 1931

Special thanks to the photographer who took the picture, we don’t know how lucky we are in the digital age!

A more recent bit of footage can be seen on YouTube here