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Falmouth Shout sing sea shanties at the Falmouth oyster festival 2011

There we were in the front row of the marquee at the Falmouth oyster festival held last week with a pint of Betty Stogs in hand and a camera in the other. How could I resist photographing these lovely Cornish folk singing wonderful songs of the sea from days gone by.

‘Falmouth Shout’s name comes from their strong connection with Falmouth Lifeboat. The ‘Shout’ being a lifeboat call or maybe just the way they sing they say on their website. Falmouth shout will liven up any event and to date have raised over £40,000 for the RNLI.

So here are a few pictures of some of them singing their hearts out.

And please check out the short video I shot with special guest featured towards the end!

To find out more about Falmouth Shout click here

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