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Lone Gull

A quick post tonight but keep an eye out for some great posts this weekend!! Digging in my archives  I found this lovely picture of a gull cruzing the skies above Pendennis point. I will touch on Pendennis point in later posts but for the meantime enjoy this picture of a lonely gull. I love the  colour or lack of colour in the picture and the gun metal colour of the sea with that bit of Cornish blue colour coming through in the sky.

Fond memories of waking up in Portmellon

Here are a few pictures of a memorable morning waking up to the sound of the waves lapping the shore and the cry of gulls as the sun appears over the horizon. When we stayed at Portmellon for Becky’s 30th we were lucky to have the top bedroom in the roof overlooking the sea. With large windows and  an old armchair, I sat there with a cuppa watching the world come alive and the warm sunlight reflecting off the waves. The sea gulls coming to, ready to get their breakfast!

I couldn’t resist grabbing my camera and taking some pictures as the light was just amazing…..

Holidays Cornwall, cuppa tea, sunrise,

Cornish waves, seagulls, Cornwall

…..and then I went and got my breakfast!