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The colours of the sea

I have been having a look at a few pictures taken from a recent trip to Falmouth and see that once again I have several pictures of the coast! What’s lovely about them is the way the different colours conjure up different moods of the sea.

View of Pendennis headland from the St Mawes ferry

Red sky at night, photographers delight!

Sunset From Pendennis Point, Falmouth

Finally, not a picture postcard photograph but one of my favourites reminding me of some of my photography heroes such as Joel Meyerowitz and his images taken around Cape Cod and also the work of American legend William Eggleston for his excellent use of colour within his photographs. Anyhow, here is my effort of the glamorously named Gasworks car park, Falmouth.

A misty Gasworks car park, Falmouth

Anyone for a Mr Whippy?

A blast from the past tonight with a picture I took during my college days. Going around Pendennis Point for the zillionth time with my mates we  stopped off to admire the view!! I bleak day and not a soul in sight, even the ice cream seller has done a runner.

Lone Gull

A quick post tonight but keep an eye out for some great posts this weekend!! Digging in my archives  I found this lovely picture of a gull cruzing the skies above Pendennis point. I will touch on Pendennis point in later posts but for the meantime enjoy this picture of a lonely gull. I love the  colour or lack of colour in the picture and the gun metal colour of the sea with that bit of Cornish blue colour coming through in the sky.