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Cornwall on TV ‘Cornwall’ with Caroline Quentin ITV1 Monday 8pm

Some of you may have watched it last night and if you didn’t it would be worth watching on ITV Player. The first episode has mixed reviews across the net but watch it for yourself and make up your own mind.

The main features were the Camel Valley Vineyards who have been crowned 2011 Rose sparkling world champions for the second successive year in Verona at Bollicini Del Mondo.

The View Restaurant situated at Whitsand Bay and owned by surfing chef Matt Corner which looks fabulous and must be worth a visit this summer as the menu looks great.

Caroline also visited a Fisherwoman in Helford who catches the fish in the morning before the fish are driven to London to a Sushi restaurant to be eaten the same day – That’s fresh fish!

There are 8 episodes so there should be plenty to blog about along the way.

Catch it here if you missed it on ITV Player