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Budock Boy does it again with a Grand Theft Auto over dub…. #Cornwall #Kernow #GTA

Colin Leggo’s latest video is a spoof of Grand Theft Auto over dubbed with a Cornish accent and aptly named ‘Grand Theft Cornwall’. With over 150,000 hits in just 8 days Col’s done a bleedy ansum job.

Check it out, it’s possibly the funniest thing you may see today!

Nice one Col!

For all those #Falmouth people out there…

Here is a little video I found by Holly Turton – which made me smile! Probably because I fell asleep in that shelter one night in my teens on my long walk back home to Budock Water.

Slightly late for Christmas but Happy New Year to all My Saffron Bun readers.

The colours of the sea

I have been having a look at a few pictures taken from a recent trip to Falmouth and see that once again I have several pictures of the coast! What’s lovely about them is the way the different colours conjure up different moods of the sea.

View of Pendennis headland from the St Mawes ferry

Red sky at night, photographers delight!

Sunset From Pendennis Point, Falmouth

Finally, not a picture postcard photograph but one of my favourites reminding me of some of my photography heroes such as Joel Meyerowitz and his images taken around Cape Cod and also the work of American legend William Eggleston for his excellent use of colour within his photographs. Anyhow, here is my effort of the glamorously named Gasworks car park, Falmouth.

A misty Gasworks car park, Falmouth

Great vintage footage from the British Pathé

The British Pathé website is a great archive for old footage of Britain over the last century or so. My mate Denzil introduced it to me as he found it whilst looking for paths on the internet.

Anyhow, here are a few great little videos I have found of good old Cornwall. Cheers Denzil!

Lovely footage of  Bob Barron going fishing from Mevagissey harbour for conger eel,  filmed in 1955 – Click here

Captain of the sunken ship, “Flying Enterprise”, and his rescuers welcomed in Falmouth. Great footage of the hero’s welcome received on the Prince of Wales pier in 1952 – Click here

And finally for now a little snippet of Obby Oss which is celebrated in Padstow on the 1st May. This footage was shot in 1932 – its brilliant! – Click here




Crabbing off Customs House Quay, Falmouth

Fisherman and boys crabbing off quay, Falmouth

 Wondering what to do with the children this weekend and lucky enough to live on the coast? Why not take the children crabbing? All you will need is a bucket (to put the crabs in), a crabbing line – generally bought from a local seaside shop (or if you are in Falmouth, get yourself down to Trago Mills – on Customs house Quay!), a net and some bait from a local fishmongers or supermarket (Fish heads /tails generally work well and will be free from a fish monger or bacon is also very good – unfortunately not free from a butcher). Becky tells me that her Grandad used to use steak to catch crabs – probably some of the luckiest crabs in the sea.

So armed with your essentials you should wait for high tide and head to the quayside, hook the bait onto the line and lower the line slowly into the water directly beneath you over the edge of the quay. Wait for a few minutes before raising the line, if you are lucky you will have one or more crabs on your line holding on to their ‘catch’. Collect the crabs in your bucket (make sure its has some sea water in there for the little nippers) and the continue lowering and raising your line periodically. When you have finished crabbing carefully tip the crabs back into the water where they belong ready for someone else to catch them another day! Remember if you are going to handle the crabs hold onto their shells from above with you fingers either side away from their pincers. Happy Crabbing!

High and Low Tide Times can be found here

Oysters from the Fal to the palate

How can you go to an Oyster festival and not try an Oyster? Last week we bought a plate of Oysters (all 5 of them!) and devoured them by the sea.

Several years ago whilst living in Falmouth I was commissioned by the Falmouth chamber of commerce to photograph 5 local chefs oyster recipes for some recipe cards they were producing for the Oyster Festival. Naturally, I had to try every recipe the chefs cooked to make sure they were suitable for public consumption! Well that was at least 11 years ago now but I can still remember my favourite recipe of Oyster Gratin.  To support other bloggers visit Sara’s Kitchen blog here to see her Oyster gratin recipe – Delicious!

The oysters we had were just natural, eaten straight from the shell. They are either something you will love or hate, they look a lot worse than they taste. They taste of the sea so if the water is clean water then there is no reason for them to taste bad. Oysters filter over 50 gallons of water a day so they are very clean shellfish.

To find out more about oysters please check out the great website Cornish Native Oysters who be able to tell you a lot more than I can about Oysters!

In the meantime enjoy the pictures of our Oyster experience and don’t forget to come back tomorrow for a real Oyster fisherman treat!


Falmouth Shout sing sea shanties at the Falmouth oyster festival 2011

There we were in the front row of the marquee at the Falmouth oyster festival held last week with a pint of Betty Stogs in hand and a camera in the other. How could I resist photographing these lovely Cornish folk singing wonderful songs of the sea from days gone by.

‘Falmouth Shout’s name comes from their strong connection with Falmouth Lifeboat. The ‘Shout’ being a lifeboat call or maybe just the way they sing they say on their website. Falmouth shout will liven up any event and to date have raised over £40,000 for the RNLI.

So here are a few pictures of some of them singing their hearts out.

And please check out the short video I shot with special guest featured towards the end!

To find out more about Falmouth Shout click here

My Saffron Bun Fish & Coast Week!

After another great trip to Cornwall we are back home in Oxfordshire with a heap of images to show you in future blog entries. We have travelled many miles, met several lovely people, tried some great local produce and now have to tell you all about it.

As we mainly stayed on the coast for our holiday (difficult not to when in Cornwall) we though we would focus on the coast and fish(ing) and after the Oyster Festival in Cornwall we are going to celebrate the sea and all its glories with our own SaffronBun Fish and Coast Festival!


So to wet your appetites dip your toe in here….

Swimmers, Castle Beach, Falmouth

The sun was setting when we drove around Pendennis Point and I saw the waves crashing against the sea wall. I though it would make a great shot for the blog.  On getting out of the car and reaching for my camera I couldn’t believe there were two people swimming in the sea in mid October. The guy then came out of the water and proceeded to impress his girlfriend with a few hand stands!


This day 175 years and one day ago…

…Charles Darwin arrived in Falmouth aboard the Beagle. Read more here

In 7 days time we will arrive in the Astra…

Gylly beach cafe is’nt what it used to be… thank goodness!’

My memories as a young child going to Gyllyngvase to see my auntie Phyllis working there in her tabard are not great, the cafe was pretty tired and run down and was a typical seaside greasy spoon serving all the old classics like sausage and chips, fish and chips, burger and chips, pasty and chips and probably chips with chips!

Fast forward a couple of decades and Gylly beach cafe is now the place to be seen! Great during the day for coffee, light lunches and a beer to a more sophisticated atmosphere in the evening as the sun goes down with delicious freshly prepared meals and fine wines. Either way you will not be disappointed with the excellent food and friendly service. Gylly beach cafe pride themselves in their ethical standards from using sustainable ingredients to looking after their environment.

It’s certainly one of our favourite haunts when in Falmouth and we can often be found sitting on the terrace with 2 glasses of red wine and an Anti Pasti for two. Heavenly!

Find out more about Gylly Beach Cafe Here.