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New Series – Cornwall on TV

With many programs on TV recently showcasing Cornwall I though I would start a new series called Cornwall on TV.

So if you see this symbol you know that Cornwall has been on the TV recently!

So first up is an episode of Autumn Watch BBC 2  on TV last week, 11th November where Martin Hughes-Games went to the National Lobster Hatchery in Padstow. Read their Rock Blogster antics here. Whilst Martin was on the show he mentioned the sighting of many Turnstones on the quay at Padstow. Turnstones are small birds that similarly to seagulls now pace up and down between pasty eating emmets looking for scraps of food. They are heavily rewarded by the fine pickings they scavenge making it much easier than having to ‘turn stones’ looking for food as their name suggests.

On Autumn watch Martin mentioned their feeding habits of finding food and also some of the more unsavoury nibbles they have eaten of which I will not be mentioning on the tastefully named MySaffronBun. All I can say is filthy!

Here in an innocent little chap waiting for a little bit of Mr Steins titbits off the quay in Padstow.

To find out more about Turnstones check out the RSPB website here


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