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Have you heard the one about the Cornish Pasty in Mexico…?

No really, the Cornish pasty may well be linked with Cornwall but there is now a museum dedicated to the culinary delight near Pachuca, Mexico.

The Pasty was brought to Mexico in 1824 by the Cornish miners who went there to work in the mining industry, the recipes has ‘evolved’ over the years but the good old pasty is doing well down there in warmer climates.

To find out more about the museum have a look at this article in the Telegraph.




Cornwall around the world – Cornish Fairings discovered in USA!

Yet another new series coming from My Saffron Bun –  Cornwall around the world!

Today, an old school friend, Tina who lives in the USA and follows my blog emailed me to tell me ….well this

“OMG! I just found Cornish Fairings (Furniss Gingerbreads) in Portland, Oregon! YUM!”

Furniss of Redruth established in 1886 and originally were based in Truro.  The oven they have used since the 1950s is still going strong and can bake over 7,000 biscuits an hour – not even I can keep up with that! In the 80’s Furniss moved from Truro to Redruth and took their trusty oven with them piece by piece because she bakes such beautiful biscuits.

To find out more about Furniss click here and to visit their shop and take advantage of their Credit Crunch offer click here.

Why not try making your own biscuits at home by following their delicious recipes here.