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Christmas Lights at Mousehole

Now its  December and I cannot contain my excitement any longer I have to tell you about the Christmas  lights spectacular of Cornwall. Down in Mousehole, near Penzance the harbour is lit up with some pretty radical Christmas lights, about 7,000 in fact and the small village attracts over 30,000 visitors over the festive season.  Mousehole is called Mousehole for a reason and its best to park in the car park on the approach to the village rather than driving into the centre of the village to be met by wondering pedestrians looking at the lights and wondering how to turn their cameras on (We’ve all been there!). Whilst you are in Mousehole you may want to check out the Ship Inn for a pint and some food or just have a browse around the quaint streets, galleries and gift shops. Don’t forget to take some change to give to the nice men and women in their high-vis jackets shaking a bucket, if it wasn’t for them there wouldn’t be any lights to look at!

To find our more about the Mousehole Harbour lights click here. They will be turned on at 7.30 on the 17th December for the 48th year this year!


Lichen on Cornish Rocks, Marazion

I love the weathered and battered rocks around the Cornish coast, the colours and textures of the lichen are beautiful. Here is a small series of images I took on Marazion beach opposite St Michael’s mount . If you love lichen you must check out this website about British lichens. Enjoy!

a Cornish poem called…

This will make you smile!

I find it facinating the search terms people use that take them to my blog, some people will write say ‘storms portmellon’ and that will take them to ‘My Saffron Bun’ where they can see my post on A Stormy Portmellon. Then every once is a while I see a search term that I wonder how on earth it ever led that person to my blog or more to the point why they were searching for such a term.

So today someone, somewhere searched for a Cornish Poem called Lard.  If you are that person and you found the poem, I would love to hear from you and I will post it here!


Another great Cornish export not to be taken with a pinch of salt…

Cornish Sea Salt - Proud to be Cornish!

At the Falmouth Oyster Festival I was lucky to meet Graham from the Cornish Sea Salt Co. in the food hall.  Having used the salt for several years, both for cooking and as table salt I was keen to find out more about the company and the products they sell.

Cornish Sea Salt are based in Pol Gwarra, Porthkerris, Lizard Peninsula

Being based at Pol Gwarra, Porthkerris on the Lizard Peninsula in South Cornwall you could say they are pretty close to the sea! The salt which they harvest is hand harvested 8 metres from the Grade A classified water.

Cornish Sea salt not only looks great on the table, it retains over 60 naturally occurring trace elements vital for our wellbeing and gives more taste for less salt making it a far healthier alternative to the ordinary table salt most of us have in the cupboard.

When Becky first brought me back some Cornish Sea Salt smartly packaged in some trendy little box I remember thinking, wow what a great idea – so simple yet so brilliant! On trying a little on my finger, it’s a million miles from your basic table salt, in taste, texture and appearance.

If there is one thing you should do this week to kickstart a healthier diet then buy yourself some Cornish Sea Salt you will be glad you did! Now stocked at various food shops across the country you may be lucky for find some on your high street. Click here and enter your postcode for your nearest stockist or buy online here.  Once you have bought some why not try some of their gorgeous recipes here.

Cornish Sea Salt Products

Available in original or why not try their popular pinch pots where the sea salt is mixed with different flavours to further enhance your dishes. Flavours include Chilli, Onion, Smoked, Salt and Pepper and Garlic. Becky loves the chilli salt for jazzing up houmous, dollop the houmous (shop bought!) into an attractive bowl and a drizzle of oil and a sprinkling a chilli salt. Great flavour and looks more exciting too!

They are also great presents to take home from your holiday in Cornwall. Why not try a little stack of three rather than a box of fudge or biscuits for your friends and family or the neighbours who looked after your pet!  I’d look after anyones goldfish if it meant I got brought back some of these…

Used by many celebrity chefs including Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Mark Hix, Jason Atherton and Rick Stein its a must for any budding chefs.

How to make your own Clotted Cream…..Mmmmmm!

Thanks to one of my readers for asking how to make clotted cream. Well, I’ve had a look around and spoken to my parents who can both remember my grandmothers making it on the stove!

It sounds pretty simple although I have not tried it but here goes…

Take your milk with as high a fat content as possible, if you can get it straight from the cow and preferably a high butterfat milk producing cow such as a Guernsey or a Jersey. Alternatively use gold top milk which will have the highest fat content for milk from your milkman or supermarket.

Pour the milk into a pan and leave for at least 12 hours which should allow the cream to rise to the top. Heat slowly and simmer (not allowing the milk to boil) for about one hour. You will see a yellow crust start appearing on the top which is the start of your clotted cream.

Remove from heat and allow to cool in a cold place. Cover and leave for 12 hours.

If you have not been tempted to dip your finger in by now you will now have clotted cream. Remove the cream with a butter knife or spoon and store in fridge.


Rodda’s, one of the most famous companies from Cornwall renowned for their clotted cream. Why not visit their website here where you can find out their history of making clotted cream, try their recipes and why not treat your family this weekend with some  of their clotted cream from the Rodda’s shop! Happy days!


Vote for your favourite Cornish beach here

As a bit of fun in this cyberworld tell us your favourite place to dip your toes!

A place to visit this weekend…

Planning to get out this weekend in this fabulous weather? Want to get away from the crowds and maybe dip your toes in the water?

Mark is a fabulous guide to his home county and since being together I have been taken all across the countryside to places I never knew existed. Often with Mark’s Mum & Dad with Noel (Mark’s Dad) being navigator – Mark’s good but no one knows the back lanes of Cornwall like his Dad.

One time we paid a surprise weekend visit; calling Mum & Dad half way down the M5 to let them know we were on our way! We had one of those idyllic Cornish weekends where the sun shines and the cider flows. We headed to St Just – first make sure you have the right St Just! This is the one north of Lands End not St Just in Roseland ( also a beautiful place…we’ll come back to it another time) In the middle of St Just is a square with a sign to Cape Cornwall.

Cape Cornwall is a tiny place. Worth a walk around and to the top where you will find a monument donated to National Trust by Mr Heinz to commemorate 100 years of producing baked beans!

Anyway back to Cot Valley; 50 yards down the road from St Just to Cape Cornwall take a left and immediate right onto the narrow road signed Cot Valley. This road passes St.Just Primary School and there are speed bumps in the road! Continue on this road to Bosorne and take left branch to Cot Valley.

But the real highlight is Cot Valley. Unlike any other beach or cove in Cornwall that I know of. I couldn’t believe my eyes when we walked along from the car park and I caught sight of the beach. Here’s a few fabulous photo’s taken by Mark to whet your appetite!

Cornwall, West Cornwall, Coast

The photo 2nd up on the right hand side features two very small figures – Noel & Pauline (Mark’s Mum and Dad) this really shows the scale of the boulders…Noel & Pauline are average size in real life!

The photo bottom right shows a famous landmark actually called The Brisons but more popularly known as General De Gaulle in the bath. Take a closer look and I think you’ll see why!

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