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Tonight as I hear the bells ringing in the church down the road (its bell practise night! nothing eerie…) and before the owl starts hooting in the tree outside our window I was reminded of this poem by the Reverend Robert Stephen Hawker (1803 -1875) titled A Cornish Folk Song

Now, of all the birds that keep the tree,
Which is the wittiest fowl?
Oh, the Cuckoo—the Cuckoo’s the one!—for he
Is wiser than the owl!

He dresses his wife in her Sunday’s best,
And they never have rent to pay;
For she folds her feathers in a neighbours’s nest,
And thither she goes to lay!

He winked with his eye, and he buttoned his purse,
When the breeding time began;
For he’d put his children out to nurse
In the house of another man!

Then his child, though born in a stranger’s bed,
Is his own true father’s son;
For he gobbles the lawful childrens’s bread,
And he starves them one by one!

So, of all the birds that keep the tree,
This is the wittiest fowl!
Oh, the Cuckoo—the Cuckoo’s the one!—for he
Is wiser than the owl!

Vicar of Morwenstow - R S Hawker

a Cornish poem called…

This will make you smile!

I find it facinating the search terms people use that take them to my blog, some people will write say ‘storms portmellon’ and that will take them to ‘My Saffron Bun’ where they can see my post on A Stormy Portmellon. Then every once is a while I see a search term that I wonder how on earth it ever led that person to my blog or more to the point why they were searching for such a term.

So today someone, somewhere searched for a Cornish Poem called Lard.  If you are that person and you found the poem, I would love to hear from you and I will post it here!


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