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Cornish Is…

…a strange coincidence!

I was photographing a Sikh wedding in the middle of Milton Keynes earlier this year. Shortly before the ceremony I glanced across the crowd of wedding guests gathering and spotted a face. I double took, looked again and then thought to myself  ‘it can’t be’. I looked again and realised it can only be one person, someone who I have not seen for over 15 years, SOMEONE from my old village of Budock Water in Cornwall!

I made my way over to this chap, ‘Colin?’ I said. ‘Yes’ came the reply, he looked at me, the penny hadn’t dropped and then it did! ‘Oh, what are you doing here’ asked Colin. ‘Im the photographer’ came my reply ‘What are you doing here?’ I asked.

So there we were two Cornish men standing in a Sikh temple in Milton Keynes. Colin went to college with the groom and is now living in London. I’ve always wondered if this would ever happen and that day it did!

2 Weeks later Becky tells me I have to view a video on You Tube about Cornwall, ‘Its a spin on the Scottish is Radio 1 did for T in the park’. So I watched it laughing out loud at this brilliant video, I took a closer look at the author of this  creation – It was Colin Leggo again!

So with over 55,000 hits to his video you have to watch it. Please click here