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Alex Polizzi – The Fixer….Clotted Cream in a Pasty?

Well, tonight we were thrilled to happen upon a programme set in Cornwall; Alex Polizzi – The Fixer. The premise of the programme is Alex’s one woman campaign to rescue local family businesses.  You may have seen her on The Hotel Inspector and she is part of the famous hoteliers the Forte family. Her Mother owns the fabulous Hotel Tresanton in St Mawes on the South Cornwall coast. Something I didn’t know until this programme is that she owns her own wholesale bakery who supply to Selfridges & Fortum & Mason amongst many top restaurants. So she has a great background which has given her the experience needed to help Choughs Bakery in Padstow – business and bread!

A great programme which really shows the benefits and perhaps the pitfalls of working with your family. Alex worked with the Eade family who have been running a bakery on the harbour at Padstow for the last 30 years. The shop had a new look and she helped them diversify to help them through the lean winter months. Something I’m sure a lot of Cornish businesses have problems with. People shouldn’t only view Cornwall as a summer destination, there’s nothing better than a walk on a Cornish beach when the winds blowing a hooley with a pasty in your hand.

This programme offered a great glimpse of lovely Cornwall while we’re up in Oxfordshire in the snow. There was also an all too brief view of our favourite Yarnigoats (Men from Port Issac) The Fisherman’s Friends who made the perilous journey from Port Isaac to Padstow to sing for the Town Crows (people from Padstow) at the ‘Celebration of the Cornish Pasty’ Do you think they may have been paid in pasties?

One of their new ideas is pasties by post. If you fancy a taste of the home county shipped to your door or even a Valentines pasty check out their website here The Chough Bakery or if you fancy trying to make one yourself check out Mark’s Mum on You Tube

If you missed this programme you may want to watch it on BBC IPlayer here Alex Polizzi – The Fixer – Episode 2 The Chough Bakery It’s definitely worth a look if only for their secret pasty  ingredient…..Cornish Clotted Cream!! I love the way recipes get handed down in families. Apparently their grandmother made her own clotted cream and always added a dollop to the veg and meat in her pasties.

Also, if you want any more news on the lovely Fisherman’s Friends check out their website here Port Isaac’s Fisherman’s Friends They’re going on tour!!

Chapel Porth Hedgehogs

Children dodging the waves, Chapel Porth, St Agnes

We stepped out of the car in the Chapel Porth car park between Christmas and New Year in an attempt to walk some turkey off. The wind was blowing in off the sea and we could barely stand up let alone consider walking far on a Cornish cliff top so we settled for a short walk to the waters edge where we found many other people with the same idea. This shot was of a couple of children who were there with their parents and dog having a wonderful time in the water.

Chapel Porth is a lovely beach on the North Coast great for surfing (It has been said to produce some of the finest waves in Europe!)  and generally relaxing during the better weather. With a National Trust car park at the rear of the beach  it is easy parking once you have driven down the narrow road to the carpark (dont worry, there are plenty of passing places!) And for those that like a few creature comforts there is a great little cafe tucked away in the corner of the carpark which does a mean hedgehog ice cream. Decribed as a food to try before you die this little prickly fella ain’t for the faint hearted! He comprises of vanilla ice cream, covered in Cornish clotted cream and then rolled in honey roasted hazel nuts. We gave it a miss on this occeasion as we were still recovering from the Christmas pudding but there is always next time….

To find out more about Chapel Porth beach and to see whats going on in nearby St Agnes click here.

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