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Cornish cafe open 364 days of the year!

If someone asked me a year ago if there was a cafe 1/2 mile from Lands End where they could get a great full English breakfast or some homemade bread during the winter, on Boxing day I would tell them ‘dont be silly, what do you think?’

But I would be proved (no pun intended) wrong. There is, just 1/2 mile from the end of the Great British Isles, a cafe that not only serves great food but is open every day except Christmas Day.

The Apple Tree Cafe in the small village of Trevescan, near Sennen is a community cafe and artists studios. We found it after one of my bright ideas of getting up early and going to Newlyn to photograph the fisherman bringing their catch in. However on arrival at Newlyn there were no fishermen, nowhere to have breakfast and not a great deal to see as it was so foggy. So we headed off to Mousehole where there was still nowhere to eat. Heading towards Lands End we thought our luck was sure to run out as we were running out of road and the hope of finding something suitable for breakfast. We stopped at Sennen beach cafe which was closed, and due to open at around 10 (it was approx 9am now – which is late if you’ve been up since 6!) and all it was  serving was drinks and pastries. Not ideal for my gluten-free lovely onboard!

So we headed back towards the main road where I thought I had spotted somewhere out the corner of my eye. To our delight we came upon The Apple Tree Cafe, it was like an oasis in the desert to us!

We each had a delicious full-English and shared a pot of tea. They had a wonderful menu on blackboards so much so we were tempted to stay for lunch. They actively cater for special diets, vegan, gluten-free and vegetarian options abound but don’t worry if you are meat-eater the bangers were fab! There is fresh artisan bread everyday and the burgers are legendary.

They also support local artists and craftspeople. With a lovely range of art on display and two artists are resident in the adjoining buildings. They host regular art and craft courses, drop-in sewing “surgeries” so you can learn how to mend, alter and recycle your favourite clothes and furnishings.

They also do ‘theme’ evenings – a few weeks after we were there they were doing a Bollywood night; we were rather jealous we couldn’t be there!

It is such a wonderful idea, a community cafe in a little village – surely those are just the kind of community that can really do with a ‘hub’. So many rural communities are losing their pubs, local shops and post offices. Villages really suffer when there isn’t somewhere where people can meet up and gossip! Well done to all of those involved in The Apple Tree Cafe – its great!

To find out more about the Apple Tree Cafe click here.

Keep an eye out for the deaf cat of Trevescan!