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New Kernow King on the block!

Well, I that I waz the bleddy Kernow King, that’s what every bugger  up ‘ere tells me. Seem sum other bloke nicked me throne since I invaded over the Tamar. Bleddy loyalty – whas wrong with the youf of today? Cris!

Still he’s looking preddy smashing walking round with that fancy jakhurt on. I been keepin  eye onim recently on that You Tube business on the net thing on me computer and well, he’s looking proper popular. He’s been all over place, down Ann’s pasties although I reckon he’s had a pasty or two in his time. Pasty making in his blood I reckon, his family made a few in their time – proper ones too! He’s been up Carn Brae a time or two to a castle where ‘e can get a kebab, loves a bit of dog walking up point, gets an invite to Kate and Wills wedding, show ‘e’ how to fill out a census. The Kings a genius!

If its rainin’ and ‘e’ stuffed with pasties you better get on that t’internet, it’s a marvelous thing, see lots on it – well you lookin’ at it now isn’t um? Ess!

So ‘ave a look below or have a look at Kernow King’s own You Tube Channel here or check out his website and support the Cornish monarchy by buying some of his merchandise here. He’s thought about the bleedy lot as he!

So, seems I lost me bleedy title of Kernow King to be succeeded by some other bloke from Falmouth. He may be Kernow King, but I will always be M’lord! #:-)

‘Ere he is with Ann from Ann’s pasties – shes proper bleddy luvly.

or see him ‘avin a day off in Looe

and listen to his Kings Speech filmed at The Stag Hunt in Ponsanooth

Hes all over it, better watch out Jethro!

Cornwall with Caroline Quentin ITV – Episode Two

The second episode last night disappointedly showed the same people from the first episode and a few others with gig rowing later in the program. Come on ITV, there is so much more talent in Cornwall than a vineyard, a holiday home letting company, and a Cornish fisherwoman who describes Londoners as foreigners. I’m Cornish but I don’t have the ignorance to describe people from outside the country as foreigners. They provide an economy for the South West, eat the fish we catch and deserve some respect. I’m afraid that lady just showed herself up last night.

The show has got a bit of a grilling from many a viewer. Read some of the comments here on This Is Cornwall

Now I have that off my chest lets look at what other talent is in Cornwall in the hope that ITV have these covered in later episodes.

1. Eden Project – ok most people have heard of this but it’s an incredible project and a real success story for the country. It should be on everyone’s ‘To Do’ list so a little publicity for the Eden project would go a long way for the coming season.

2. Artists in Cornwall – The county is a haven for artists with so much amazing talent. How about a visit to the Tate St Ives or visit some local artists studios and find out what inspires them. Check out these guys

Kurt Jackson

Benjamin Warner

Amanda Hoskin

3. The Lost Gardens of Heligan – one of my favourite places in the county – surely Caroline you have visited that in your 8 episode series on Cornwall.

4. Mining – Cornwall’s heritage, the mine stacks dotted around the Cornish coast, the scarred landscapes from the mines that have now closed down. There are still some mines you can go down, especially if you are a national television crew. Interviews with miners, how it was to work down the mines? Check out Geevor Tin Mine here

5. The RNLI – Go out on a boat Caroline with the crew of one of the lifeboats, show people what a good charity it is and what a worthwhile charity it is to support.

6. The Minack Theatre – Spectacular open air theatre on the cliff edge at Porthcurno – An amazing story about an incredible lady Rowena Cade who constructed the theatre herself.

7. Port IsaacThe fisherman’s friends and The Filming of Doc Martin would make an interesting story on how a fishing village has diversified in the modern age.

8. Food? Pasties –  Visit Ann’s Pasties on the Lizard. Clotted Cream – Visit Roddas and see how cream is made. Cornish Cheeses – we have just won World Cheese Awards Champion Cheese 2010 – how about featuring that?

9. The rugged coastline, surfing, the beaches, the quality of the water – tourism?

10. Cornwall’s  mysterious past, smuggling, ancient settlements, stone circles, myths and legends.

So ITV, two down and six episodes to go.  Lets have something a bit more interesting and less of a sales pitch for a few companies please.

For those interesting in the Gig Rowing I will do a separate post later in the year but for now check out the Cornish Pilot Gig Association website here.

Making a Proper Cornish Pasty

It’s that time of the year, the nights are drawing in and all we want is some comfort food. Reminiscing about that lovely holiday you had in Cornwall; strolling the streets or sitting on the beach with a pasty in your hand? Well, why not try and make your own this weekend?

Made the traditional way by my Mum for her family all her life, why not give her recipe a go. You will not find any dodgy fillings such as Stilton or chicken tikka here; just good old meat, potato, onion and swede!

So first you need to make some pastry – Cornish Housewife Tip No1 – Mum always makes her own and then freezes it as it will give you a better  texture to the pasty.

Ingredients for making Mum’s pastry

I.5 kg plain flour

500g Lard and Margarine Mix (approx 2/3 Lard and 1/3 Margarine)

Cut fat into flour and then rub together until it is similar to breadcrumbs.

Mix together with cold water until it is a firm dough consistency and set aside ready for making pasties or freeze until ready to use.

Making the Pasties

The quantities will depend on the size of the pasty you are making! These ingredients are based on an average sized pasty.

1 onion

1 piece of swede (or Turnip as we like to call it in Cornwall)


diced beef skirt (approx 150g)

salt and pepper to season

Sprinkle flour on work surface or board. Roll out pastry to about 5mm and place a dinner plate on pastry and cut around it leaving a circle. Put rolling-pin underneath half way so half of the pastry is over the rolling-pin and the other half is flat on the work top (Cornish Housewife Tip No 2)

Add a layer of swede, a little bit of onion, finely slice potato onto the layer of onion, add layer of skirt, season with salt and pepper, add more onion and finish with a layer of potato. Fold over and crimp pastry. Coat pastry with egg to help brown in oven to give it that lovely golden colour. Cornish Housewife Tip No 3 – Pierce small hole in top for the steam to escape so the pastry does not split.

Mum always adds an initial made from pastry for each family member if any have special requirements (for example I like quite a lot of pepper in mine!)

Bake in a hot oven (220 oC) for one hour turning it back to 180 oC as it cooks, then turning it down to 150 oC  for the last 10 minutes. These timing will depend on your oven but are a rough guide to start with.

Remove the pasty from the oven and serve hot with a pickled onion and a cuppa tea!

Here is a pasty mum made for Becky a few months ago, the afore-mentioned pasty then travelled back to Oxfordshire where it was devoured.

Becky's Pasty, Why the 'R' - you had better watch the video!

And my reluctant mum let me film her making this actual pasty so the secret to her success is out there! Apologies for the ropey video and noise from the lens zoom but together with the method above it will give you a good idea of how to make one. If anyone makes one please send me a picture and I will happily showcase your efforts!

One of the best pasty shops in Cornwall is called Ann’s Pasties and is based on the Lizard. Why not give Ann’s pasties a go by ordering some online here.