My first memory as a child growing up in Falmouth, Cornwall was every week I would go shopping with my Mum into Falmouth and she would buy me a saffron bun from Rowes the bakers, next to the Prince of Wales pier.  We would then head up the high street, mum pushing me in my pushchair to the fishmongers. More often than not Toby West, one of the most famous Cornish fishermen would be in the shop and would try to steal my saffron bun from me. Luckily I also carried a rubber hammer so he never got the bun!

This is a fond memory of my childhood and I can picture it like it was yesterday. Im also still a big fan of saffron buns so what better name to call my Cornish Blog but My Saffron Bun.

My Rubber Hammer was a close second place!

1 Response to “…and why My Saffron Bun?”

  1. 1 carrietxxxxx October 14, 2012 at 4:46 PM

    I came across your blog looking for recipes for saffron cakes so though I’d have a read through it .I live in Gloucestershire but my family come from Cornwall (West Penwith area) going back a long time.I was brought up with my parents and paternal Grandmother (who lived with us)from Newlyn .She made pasties every Wednesday and we had clotted cream on Sundays,(ordered from a department store when it came up by train) We had many happy memories of holidays in Cornwall as children and try to continue the tradition with my own family.Lovely to find your blog!.

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