Memories of Cornwall by Cath…

Thanks to Cath for sending in her fond memories of a camping holiday in Cornwall – its a classic!

‘OK. Memories of a camping holiday somewhere near Mevagissey. I must have been in my early teens, so early 1970′s, so was hyper embarrassed at rest of family, oh about having a family at all. At the time we lived in Topsham near Exeter. There was my mum, who is now dead, sadly, my stepfather, me and my younger brother packed into a renault 750 along with the camping equipment. When we came to go the poor little car wouldn’t get under way and we had to have a push from the whole campsite. Worse, when we got out onto the road the car couldn’t get up the hill. We had to reverse out of there. And people say camping is such fun ! Have since recovered and been on some great camping holidays, but that one stays with me for the teen embarrassment factor.’

Nice one Cath… Keep them coming in folks!



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