Wanted – Truro Corporation Oyster Gauge

I had an email from an old school chum who follows my blog and is looking for a Truro Corporation Oyster Gauge! I didn’t even know what one of these was before googling it. One can be seen on this website here but unavailable from them. Can any of my Cornish fishing followers help?

Here is the lovely email I got of one of the blogs followers…

‘I am really enjoying reading your blog. My mum has moved to Sussex now to be nearer me and I don’t get to come down to Cornwall much any more. So reading about objects, people and places that are uniquely Cornish is just amazing! I so enjoy all of your posts. Your mussel post got me thinking about an object I am trying to track down, a Truro corporation oyster gauge (the ones they use on the working boats). I have tried without any luck to locate one of these, it’s something I’ve always wanted, I don’t know why! Well I thought to myself today, I bet Mark knows someone who knows someone who can lay their hands on one!’

I’m afraid in our vast collection of random objects around our home Becky and I have collected over the years we do not yet own one of these. If anyone can track one down, could you make that two please?!



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