In which County…

At a local quiz in rural Oxfordshire this Friday night whilst I was drinking a pint of Tribute ( you could take your own drinks!) one of the questions was ‘In which County is Doom Bar bitter brewed? Well, what Cornish man doesn’t know that?

Doom Bar is of course brewed in Rock, North Cornwall. Named after the sandbank at the mouth of the Camel Estuary where it meets the Atlantic Ocean.

The bitter has won many awards over the past decade for its distinctive aroma and well balanced flavour and is the best selling cask ale  in the South West and is increasing in popularity all over the UK as one of my followers (MB) who found it on the Isle of Wight mentioned in the Tribute post.

The Dashwoods had their luck behind them that night as we won the quiz with a resounding victory. I wish I could put it down to the Cornish Ale I was drinking but I think most of the intelligence came from Becky and our neighbour who would give the Eggsheads a run for their money.

To find out more about Doom Bar and Sharps Brewery click here. Sharps also make the Chalky’s Bite and Chalky’s Bark named after Rick Stein’s little dog we all love and miss.

To check out their online shop and stock up for the festive season click here.



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