Cornish Tribute found in Oxfordshire Public House!

What happens when a Cornish man walks (in a straight line) into an Oxfordshire Pub and sees Tribute on tap at the bar?

He leaves several hours later with a big smile on his face (in a less straight line)

That’s what happened this Saturday just gone when I was out with the Cuxham Cricket lads for our end of season supper at The Plough in Great Haseley.  I walked into the pub, said my ‘Hellos’ then went to the bar to choose a beverage. ‘Ahh, wonder what ales they have on tap’ knowing I was not in a Breakspears pub. My eyes jumped out of my head when I read  the words TRIBUTE and St Austell Brewery. So when the barmaid asked ‘what will it be? I proudly said ‘A pint of TRIBUTE please me ansome‘ .(I never said that last bit!)

So after a few more, some wine and then some port it all became a rather memorable and then later unmemorable night! Enough said!

So, What about the old Tribute? Well, I have loved Tribute for some years and without being to prejudiced it has to be one of my favourite beers. A pale ale with some zesty fruity notes it’s a great accompaniment to a meal without being too heavy or bitter.

To find out more about Tribute Ale and St Austell Brewery click here and if you are looking for a great present to send someone this Christmas then why not send them a keg or a selection of fine Cornish ales by visiting the St Austell Brewery online shop here.






2 Responses to “Cornish Tribute found in Oxfordshire Public House!”

  1. 1 marcus November 24, 2011 at 12:36 AM

    I love the stuff so much I am commenting about on here aswell as on your facebook. A couple of christmas’ ago I bought all the bottles our local sainsburys had of it, that was a good christmas. They have got it on tap at The Kings Arms (or is it Head??!?) at Monkton Farley, near Bath. Always brings one a warm feeling when you see that puple amd white!

  2. 2 marcus November 24, 2011 at 12:57 AM

    Another cornish favourite of mine is Doom Bar, from Sharps brewery. We went to the Isle of Wight for a week back in early October and one night went to The New Inn at Shalfleet, fantastic food, awesome seafood, and low and behold there it was at the bar. It went perfectly with the rather large seafood platter for two that Rach and I shared, will send you a pic of it.

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