A Donkey Shay

Just chatting to my Dad on the telephone and he was telling me about an oil painting my cousin had picked up from a car boot sale of a donkey shay, the conversation went something like this:

Dad – Francis got a picture of a donkey shay going up hillhead

Me – Sorry a donkey in the shade? I said

D – No a donkey shay! Dad replied

M – What’s a donkey shade?

D – donkey shay!

M – What S. H. A. Y.?

D – Yes!

M – Whats that?

D – You know what a donkey shay is?

M – No I don’t

D – Like a cart, but a shay.

M – Let me Google it

M- Ah a donkey shay! Ok got it

Dad – (relieved sigh)

So, for those that didn’t know what a donkey shay is here is one, photographed in Leedstown Cornwall. Special thanks to the photographer who took this image for putting my mind at rest!


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