Jim Morrison, Falmouth

Jimmy Morrison with a mermaid he had carved, portrait of his father, and a couple of old photographs of his boats.

Here is another blast from the past from my large box of contact sheets during my college days. Today, we have a contact print of the great Jim Morrison, not the Jim Morrison you may be thinking of from The Doors, but Jimmy Morrison of Falmouth. I photographed Jimmy in his home and he told me many tales about his working life at sea in and around the Cornish coast. The name of his boats escape me so if anyone has any information on Jimmy and his boats I would love to post it here. Please email me mysaffronbun@gmail.com

I did find a link from a travel blog showing Jimmy drinking in the Seven Stars, Falmouth in 2007. Please click here to see their blog and check out Jimmy having a crafty half!

1 Response to “Jim Morrison, Falmouth”

  1. 1 Richard Young April 9, 2015 at 12:10 AM

    One of his boats was the ‘Mayflower’

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