Oysters from the Fal to the palate

How can you go to an Oyster festival and not try an Oyster? Last week we bought a plate of Oysters (all 5 of them!) and devoured them by the sea.

Several years ago whilst living in Falmouth I was commissioned by the Falmouth chamber of commerce to photograph 5 local chefs oyster recipes for some recipe cards they were producing for the Oyster Festival. Naturally, I had to try every recipe the chefs cooked to make sure they were suitable for public consumption! Well that was at least 11 years ago now but I can still remember my favourite recipe of Oyster Gratin.  To support other bloggers visit Sara’s Kitchen blog here to see her Oyster gratin recipe – Delicious!

The oysters we had were just natural, eaten straight from the shell. They are either something you will love or hate, they look a lot worse than they taste. They taste of the sea so if the water is clean water then there is no reason for them to taste bad. Oysters filter over 50 gallons of water a day so they are very clean shellfish.

To find out more about oysters please check out the great website Cornish Native Oysters who be able to tell you a lot more than I can about Oysters!

In the meantime enjoy the pictures of our Oyster experience and don’t forget to come back tomorrow for a real Oyster fisherman treat!


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