How to make your own Clotted Cream…..Mmmmmm!

Thanks to one of my readers for asking how to make clotted cream. Well, I’ve had a look around and spoken to my parents who can both remember my grandmothers making it on the stove!

It sounds pretty simple although I have not tried it but here goes…

Take your milk with as high a fat content as possible, if you can get it straight from the cow and preferably a high butterfat milk producing cow such as a Guernsey or a Jersey. Alternatively use gold top milk which will have the highest fat content for milk from your milkman or supermarket.

Pour the milk into a pan and leave for at least 12 hours which should allow the cream to rise to the top. Heat slowly and simmer (not allowing the milk to boil) for about one hour. You will see a yellow crust start appearing on the top which is the start of your clotted cream.

Remove from heat and allow to cool in a cold place. Cover and leave for 12 hours.

If you have not been tempted to dip your finger in by now you will now have clotted cream. Remove the cream with a butter knife or spoon and store in fridge.


Rodda’s, one of the most famous companies from Cornwall renowned for their clotted cream. Why not visit their website here where you can find out their history of making clotted cream, try their recipes and why not treat your family this weekend with someĀ  of their clotted cream from the Rodda’s shop! Happy days!


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  1. 1 angie June 23, 2012 at 8:04 AM

    cool as yooo!!!!!!

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