The big debate…. what goes on top? Cream or Jam

A clash between the Cornish and the Devonians whether it is best to put cream or jam on the top of a scone.

Well, down in Cornwall we put jam and then cream on top but up there in Devon they do it visaversa.  Why they choose to do it this way I will never know but we will leave them to it. But surely, as the cream warms up the jam slides off?! But they know best so that’s that, enough is enough….

But, here’s a picture taken west of the Tamar and they have done it proper. See?!

Jam and Cream or Cream and Jam

Anyhow so long as it tastes lovely, who cares!

The traditional Devonshire way states that scones should be cut in two and then clotted cream added followed by strawberry jam. In Cornwall, the cream tea was served with a ‘Cornish Split’ a sweet white bread roll, then buttered, followed by JAM then Clotted Cream.

The choice is yours…

2 Responses to “The big debate…. what goes on top? Cream or Jam”

  1. 1 Livvy Ospry October 5, 2011 at 9:20 AM

    Do you have a good recipe for Clotted Cream? I’m heading back to California where I live – leaving my fiance a Devon dweller and someday I would love to make it for him like he remembers it. Any links you could send my way? Thanks for the like on my blog too!

    • 2 cornishlad October 5, 2011 at 4:36 PM

      Hi, thanks for the comment, any support to get my blog off the ground appreciated! I have found a few bits and bobs on the net about making clotted cream so will try and post something soon. Have a good trip back. Cheers, Mark

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