Even everyone’s favourite Australian loves Cornwall!

Even everyone’s favourite Australian loves Cornwall! The famous tv personality and artist Rolf Harris has just released a beautiful Limited Edition of a Cornish cove. I love Rolf’s work but am used to seeing Australian landscapes, large cats and cityscapes but this new one ‘Figures On The Beach, Cornwall’ is just my cup of tea.

Rolf’s work has been gaining in popularity since he painted Her Majesty. Did you see the recent episode of Antiques Roadshow where someone took along an original painting by an unknown artist and it ended up being a Rolf Harris original worth £50,000!!!!

Now I don’t know if a Limited Edition will ever reach that much but it will look fab on the wall and will be a lovely reminder of home. I’ve been looking through some old photo’s and I think it may be Port Gaverne near Port Isaac. Perhaps one of Port Isaac’s Fisherman’s Friends may recognise the fisherman at work?

If this has inspired you to increase your art collection check out this beautiful painting and many more by Rolf on the  website of The Lemongrove Gallery who work closely with Rolf.

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